Rochester Government Accountability

for the Next Generation

Fostering measured and responsible change in Rochester




We certainly live in interesting times.


Were blessed to live and work in such a wonderful place of rich history wrapped in natural beauty. Were cursed by great uncertainties when it comes to our elected leaders at all levels and the uncertain future of our local and national economy.


Interesting times indeed.



The objective of R-GANG is to facilitate a smooth and responsible transition from the Rochester of yesteryear to the Rochester of tomorrow. Preserving and Rochesters greatest attributes while working for change where necessary to next generation of leaders. Goals of R-GANG:


Support efforts of responsible change throughout Rochester government

Reduce hype and separate facts from fiction to allow sound policy discussions

Support candidates committed to measured, responsible change

Facilitate discussions between Rochester residents and our neighboring communities



Thanks for visiting the R-Gang website. As of today October 6, 2009 we are in the process of updating the website to include more candidate information for the upcoming Rochester City Council race. Please check back in a few days. In the interim, please take a look at these websites for information on the candidates that we think are worthy of your consideration this year (click on each name):


Mayor Jeff Cuthbertson

Mayor Pro-tem Stuart Bikson

Cathy Daldin



In life, theres always that omnipresent voice of change.  When things are going smoothly on the surface and people are not impacted directly by the actions of others, it is simply human nature to only focus on the things you can control.  If I'm not affected, everything else should be running fine. But when basic democratic principles of asking questions of your government are looked upon with distain by a handful of the Old Guardians in Rochester, well we had a problem with that.

R-Gang is a registered Political Action Commitee (PAC) formed by a group of level-headed area citizens and business owners who acknowledge that change is not only necessary - it is inevitable.  We wanted to create a process to filter thru the noise from the radicals and really concentrate on what was important.  We had lots of friends and business owners who wanted to contribute to specific candidates but were afraid of retribution from these radical voices. 'R-Gang provides a means for like-minded people with these concerns to get involved without being identified with a specific cause or candidate.

Our goal is to raise funds to be spent on awareness campaigns spotlighting the real issues effecting our community, free from the radical extreme elements with loud but empty voices.  We want to make sound, responsible decisions based on fact and not innuendo. We also want to support candidates who are like-minded.  Committed to measured and responsible change.

If you are like us and acknowledge that change is inevitable but only effective when approached soundly and free from hype, please join us.  We need your support to further the efforts of measured change.  Absent a group like R-Gang, you get the opposite of measured.  You get the radical extremes of complete avoidance or the nuclear option.  In our opinion neither of these radical extremes are good for our community.

Please help support our efforts. 

To find out more please email us at or
drop us a line:
P.O. Box 80592
Rochester, MI 48308-0592

R-Gang is managed by its Chairman Richard F. Rush Jr. and Treasurer Leonard Sikkelee.
Both long-time Rochester residents as well as business owners in the City, Rick and Len are deeply committed to the efforts of R-Gang. You can contact Rick directly at or Len at